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Emperor’s New Clothes on Channel 2 News

Besides being a complete delight to work on, The Emperor’s New Clothes is getting some excellent reviews. Here’s Chris Jones on Channel 2 News raving about the show.

Sam’s Jacket

One of my favorite pieces I’ve designed is Sam’s jacket in the Emperor’s New Clothes. I’m just in love with it and want one made for me. As with all of the costumes in ENC, I started thinking about Sam’s pieces in terms of our “modern fairytale” vocabulary. Sam says she wears jeans and hoodies [...]

Another Helping

This past spring I designed the costumes for Feast at the Albany Park Theatre Project. It was one of my favorite and most fulfilling projects of all time–and a complete crowd pleaser, which only makes it better. The show was recently remounted for one night at the Goodman Theatre Latino Theatre Festival. Here’s the glowing [...]

Chicago Sun Times Interview

I was just interviewed in the Chicago Sun Times for my work on The Emperor’s New Clothes. Here’s the link. For more information about this delightful show, go to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre website.

The Wiz Costumes make it to the News

Check out this link to see some of my Wiz costumes on Fox 6 Milwaukee news:

Finally, an update. And an interview!

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. I’ve got a bunch of great production photos from my two most recent shows to share. But, until then, check out this interview with me for Theatre in Chicago.

The Wiz and Scenery

Collette Pollard, a fellow House Theatre company member, is the scenic designer for the Wiz. We’ve been working together since the pre-grad school days and I think we’re on our way to developing a signature collaborative aesthetic. Our personal tastes form the basis of this aesthetic–Collette has an eye for contemporary, clean, and sleek lines [...]

Lofty Spectacle Fittings and Multitasking

Just because I’m moving on to the Wiz doesn’t mean I’ve put Lofty to bed yet. Far from it–I’m in the multitasking phase of my job. I’m in the thick of Lofty costume fittings, have preliminary Wiz sketches due on Tuesday, and tomorrow morning I meet with David to start talking about the next APTP [...]

Starting the Wiz: Research

The Wiz chalkboard is up and I’m starting to draw. I always do a huge, preliminary search for research before I start drawing. After I cast that net I doodle for a while, refine my ideas, then hit the books and the interwebs for more specific research to support the discoveries I make at the [...]

The Chalkboard and more working drawings

For each show I write all the looks to be designed on a chalkboard. Here’s the do to list for All the Fame of Lofty Deeds. When I’m done with initial sketches for a character I check it off. When the rendering is complete I cross it out. I never erase–I like seeing my progress. [...]