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Aqui Estoy: Nine Digits

Albany Park Theatre Project Directors: David Feiner, Maggie Popadiak Set Designer: Scott Neale Lighting Design: Jeremy Getz

Huck Finn

by Mark Twain Adapted by Laura Eason Steppenwolf Theatre Director  |   Ed Sobel Scenic Design  |  Keith Pitts Lighting Design  |  Keith Parnham Sound Design  |  Rick Simms

The Nutcracker

The House Theatre Company Director: Tommy Rapley Set Designer: Collette Pollard Lighting Designer: Ben Wilhelm

The Attempters

The House Theatre Company Director: Marika Mashburn Set Deisgner: Collette Pollard Lighting Designer: Lee Keenan

Stone Cold Dead Serious

by Adam Rapp Circle Theatre Director  |   Joanie Schultz Scenic Design  |  Bob Kunth Costume Design  |  Debbie Baer Lighting Design  |  Lee Keenan Sound Design  |  Peter J. Storms

The Busy World is Hushed

Next Theatre Director: Kimberly Senior Set Designer: Jack Magaw Lighing Designer: Diane Fairchild

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

American Theatre Company Director: Damon Kiely Set Designer: Tom Burch Lighting Designer: Jared Moore


by Tommy Rapley + Ben Lobpries Bailiwick Repertory Director  |   Tommy Rapley Scenic Design  |  Collette Pollard Costume Design  |  Debbie Baer Lighting Design  |  Lee Keenan + Rebecca Berrett Sound Design  |  Kevin O’Donnell


by Jonathan Larson Pegasus Players Director  |   Ilesa Duncan Music Director  |   William A. Underwood Choreographer  |   Eric Ford Scenic Design  |  Richard + Jacqueline Penrod Costume Design  |  Debbie Baer Lighting Design  |  Jacqueline Reid Sound Design  |  Christopher Kriz

God’s Work

by AP+P ensemble Albany Park Theatre Project Directors  |   Laura Wiley + David Feiner Musical Director  |   Colby Beserra Composer  |   Micah Bezold Scenic Design  |  Scott Neale Costume Design  |  Debbie Baer Lighting Design  |  Jeremy Getz Photographer  |  Amy Braswell